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He largely avoided talking about it publicly for years until a 2012 interview with Daily Beast columnist and gay rights activist Andrew Sullivan.

Add this to the fact that the man is openly gay and doesn’t hesitate to talk about it.

AC put off his vacation to spend another week or two in NOLA. CNN is losing money in advertising, and Anderson isn't earning his keep. As a traditional news anchor he's not going to be able to compete in ratings in primetime when he's against partisan commentators, so position him somewhere else.

But when he finally leaves NOLA and gets back to the studio, will he still be doing that 360 Fridays show? He and Ben are probably headed out someplace nice in the world. It would make sense to give him a new hosting gig in the morning or afternoon, or CNN could move him into correspondent work.

The story of Anderson’s parents is an interesting one: if you consider that Mrs.

Vanderbilt descended from a very wealthy family in contrast to her hubby who had battled poverty throughout his young age, this union was definitely a product those one in a million chances.