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Hang out with his friends and try to get along with them. A confident person has bold approach towards his ambitions and aspirations. Never doubt his instincts unless you have firm proof. Someone has said that if you love someone you would be willing to give up everything for them, but if they loved you back they would never ask you to. Does your partner notice it when you wear a new dress? i really love my Darvin ( Tharmendran ) so much..its been about a year never meet him,,he is staying quite far from me..sometimes i call him and parents didn´t agree for my love...because we both are still young..i really miss him a lot..

Here are relationship tips on how to impress your boyfriend and keep him happy.

You need to show attention and affection towards your partner in a romantic relationship.

Use the IGNORE option in chat or simply do not respond on the shoutbox.

While you may speak your opinion of someone, you may not swear at them or use name-calling. If you dwell on or continue fighting with others, you will be silenced or removed from chat.