Invalidating cache line dating tests quizzes

If you're asking why there isn't a store-by-cacheline-size instruction, cachelines vary and ISA's really shouldn't be built for implementation details.You will, as Andrew mentioned, need to snoop the cacheline for the other CPU's.Cache maintenance operations are defined to act on particular memory locations.

Technically, if you do a store-multiple of 0's to that 64 bytes of memory, you'll be doing essentially this.It's about understanding how the underlying hardware operates and programming in a way that works with that, not against it.We get a number of comments and questions about the mysterious cache line padding in the Ring Buffer, and I referred to it in the last post.If we translate before we go to the cache, we have a "". We must flush the cache on a context switch to avoid "aliasing".Page offset bits are not translated and thus can be presented to the cache immediately.